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Petroleum Technology Department at the University of Technology organized a scientific visit to the students of the fourth year on monday 4/12/2017 to the Central Oil Company / Field East of Baghdad , accompanied by a group of teaching staff and engineers .

Which included a field trip to the Central Office of the Central Oil Company and visit  the drilling tower  during the operation as well as the visit included the laboratories in the field , The companions were Ramzy Sayhod,  Assist.Lec. Dena mahmood ,Assist. Lec. Marwa Daher , Engineer Ameen Kareem

Students of the Petroleum Technology Department at the University of Technology organized a celebration on the occasion of the birth of the Prophet on Tuesday 5/12/2017 On the conference hall in the annexe building , in the presence of the Head of the Department, Prof. Dr. Mohammed Saleh Al-Jawad, Administrative Assistant, Dr.Raad Naeem, Scientific Assistant, Dr.Aswer Abd Alrasol , and |Head of Branch Dr. Samaher Abd Alrasol . The ceremony opened with words from the Holy Quran . The head of the department delivered a speech. He praised the work of the students and called for imitating the approach of the Holy Prophet Muhammad in spreading love

The celebration included religious songs and poetic verses in love with the Messenger of Allah as well as the paragraph of religious competitions.



Assist.Prof. Laila Lateef Alwan participated in the Third Scientific Conference on Environment and Sustainable Development for two days 15-16/11/2017 at the University of Technology. The study included a study of (6) water purification projects in Baghdad, by concentrating the aluminum which used in the compounds for purification purposes. Among the results were different relationships associated with increased concentration of ph and high temperatures The emphasis has been on aluminum because it has health effects that affect the nervous system, which causes Alzheimer's or Paralysis  in case of exceeding the upper limits within the body. Laila Alwan received a certificate of appreciation for her efforts and outstanding contribution to the conference.


Dr. Hussain Al-Aybi Zamil published a research entitled "Groundwater Investigation in the Iraqi Marshlands" in Diyala Journal of Pure Sciences. The study included the study of the three marshes in the governorates of Maysan, Basrah and Dhi Qar in southern Iraq. This region is characterized by abundant groundwater in the four-day sediment, which is characterized by good thickness and hydraulic specifications suitable for containment of groundwater and its permeability through the permeable medium.
The results of the research: The depth of groundwater between less than (10) meters and less than (40) meters in the areas of the three marshes and the amount of water that can be discharged from wells water is high ranging between (400) and (900) m3 / day, concentrations of dissolved salts in groundwater are very high at 68430 parts per million parts. As they can’t be used for humanitarian, agricultural, animal and industrial purposes due to the length and movement of groundwater towards the drainage area and the lack of natural nutrition resulting from rainfall. In the interior of the earth to achieve the alleviation and reduction of the level of salts total dissolved.


Ibrahim Abdul Salam participated in the ADIPEC World Conference in the United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi) through his research entitled "Predicting the Problems of Drilling in Basra Fields using Smartphone Application" under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Abdel Salam. Mohammed Saleh Jawad and Dr. Bashar Saadoun Mahdi for the period 13-16 / 11/2017. The researcher presented during the conference an explanatory presentation of his research, which is the first research of a kind in the field of drilling software dealing with the oil sector, knowing that the research part of the master's thesis completed in the section in which the researcher obtained the degree of excellence. A letter of thanks and appreciation for his efforts.


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