Sunday, 03 December 2017 07:53

The participation of a researcher from the Department of Petroleum Technology at the ADIPEC World Conference in the UAE

Ibrahim Abdul Salam participated in the ADIPEC World Conference in the United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi) through his research entitled "Predicting the Problems of Drilling in Basra Fields using Smartphone Application" under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Abdel Salam. Mohammed Saleh Jawad and Dr. Bashar Saadoun Mahdi for the period 13-16 / 11/2017. The researcher presented during the conference an explanatory presentation of his research, which is the first research of a kind in the field of drilling software dealing with the oil sector, knowing that the research part of the master's thesis completed in the section in which the researcher obtained the degree of excellence. A letter of thanks and appreciation for his efforts.


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