Research School

Petroleum Technology Research Unit

The Petroleum Technology Research Unit was established in the Petroleum Technology Department of the University of Technology on 19/6/2012. The unit was provided with the latest laboratory equipment to meet the researchers' needs.

Structure of the research unit:

1- Research Unit Council

2- Director of the research unit

3- Responsible for the research unit

Proceeding from the importance of multi-disciplinarity and their integration in the scientific and research fields, the Research Unit Council included a number of specialized professors in the field of petroleum engineering, the oil industry and various other specializations.


- Pushing scientific research and its outputs to what is of practical interest and benefit to the university and society. Creating an interactive atmosphere between researchers and strengthening the links between them.

- Building qualified research cadres to carry out their duties in their field of specialization.Transfer and refine national scientific and research expertise by including groups of distinguished local and international researchers.

- Connecting the university to the community by including researchers and consultants from the relevant sectors of the state


The message:-

Contribute to the support and development of research work inside and outside the University of Technology through research cooperation between the department and other universities for the transfer and application of scientific expertise. Expand the base of coordination with state departments and the private sector in order to benefit from the results of applied research and link scientific research with the needs of society in light of the scientific problems that come from the oil and industrial sectors.


- Unit activities:-  

    Providing scientific and technical advice to government departments and the socialist and mixed sectors-      Scientific care for postgraduate students.

- Contribute to the development of cadres through holding joint courses, seminars and workshops.

- Presenting the results of the research groups’ work in scientific symposia or workshops inside or outside the university.