Petroleum Engineering Branch

The Department of Petroleum Technology includes one branch, which is the branch of Petroleum Engineering. It grants the graduate a Bachelor of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering.

Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering:

It includes only one branch currently, which aims to prepare qualified graduates to develop the oil and gas industry in Iraq. The Department of Oil Technology in its only branch (Petroleum Engineering) seeks to achieve leadership and excellence in its field of specialization locally and regionally. The Petroleum Engineering Branch also works to prepare engineers with knowledge of scientific and engineering expertise and qualified to work in various fields of the oil and gas industry, and supports the educational process in line with international accreditation standards.

Fields of work for a petroleum engineering graduate:

The petroleum engineering specialization is one of the distinguished specializations that has been in great demand in recent times because of the potential this specialization provides in the extraction of oil and gas, which are two very important economic elements and their effects on the oil industry and their returns on the budget of oil-producing countries. The following are the most important areas in which an oil and gas engineer works:

-Supervising oil fields and extracting oil and gas from oil reservoirs.

- Conducting drilling operations for oil wells.

- Develop optimal plans for the management of oil fields and determine the quantities of oil reserves and the necessary quantities of extraction.

- Conducting specialized oil studies to expand the explored area of ​​oil fields.

Entities that employed petroleum engineering graduates:

 - Oil MinistryEthnic

 - universities of specialization

 - Governmental and private oil companies.

Major of study specialization:

Four years

The scientific department that awards the specialization:

Oil Technology Department

Scientific backgrounds that can be submitted for obtaining the specialization:

Graduates of the preparatory school in its scientific and applied branches, and graduates of oil institutes.