Fluid flow of oil Lab

This lab is considered one of the important labs that completes the theoretical study of fluid flow.


  Petroluem Technology Lab

The lab is considered one of the most important lab of this department because it is equipped with high technical seats with come with the oil industry technologies ,


  Geology Lab

Training the students in:

Study the geological structure of the earth and make tests to recognize the rocks and mineral types through recognizing the visual, physical and chemical properties by studying the samples with necked eyes or using the geological microscopes.


  Chemistry Lab

This lab is concerning with making chemical tests. In the first semester students make analytical chemistry tests


  Materials Lab

It is specialized in performing tests on mechanical properties of the substance such as Hardness and flexibility, ect. ….


  Computer Lab

It is considered one of the new and developed labs in the department of petroleum which has P.C. with high standards properties..


  English Language Lab

This lab is one of the new labs in the UOT which was gifted by KOICA to English language center. Be noted that this lab was used by the first grade students because there is a practical subject within their curriculum.


  Internet Unit
This unit has many developed wired P.C.s to be used by the employees and students of the department without any fees. The department also provided with wireless net to be used by the lecturers.