Research Unit in petroleum technology department is conducting a scientific symposium


Under the auspices of the president of the university Prof. Dr. Amin Daway Thamir ,The petroleum technology research unit was established a scientific research symposium entitled "Modern applications in oil exploration" within the joint cooperation between the department and the ministry of oil / oil exploration company On tuesday 17/4/2018 , in the presence of president of the university Prof. Dr. Amin Daway Thamir , vice chancellor for scientific and postgraduate affairs Prof. Dr. Alaa Abdulhassan Atiya , head of the department  Dr. Aqeel Shakir Ghani Al-Adili , number of representatives of the ministry of oil ,oil research and development , the Iraqi drilling company , the geological survey and a large number of teachers and associate department.

The symposium opened with the national anthem and recited by a verse from the Holy Quran the university president then delivered a speech in which he praised the seminars held in the department in the framework of joint cooperation with the ministry of oil ,he spoke about the importance of explorations in oil research , and addressed both vice chancellor for scientific and postgraduate affairs and the head of the department to the importance of scientific seminars that seek to develop the research side of the section by linking the theoretical side to the practical .

The symposium included two sessions, the first session, which included three lectures , the first was delivered by the senior chief geologists Walid Abdul Ghani / exploration Oil Company Where he spoke about the importance of remote sensing in the exploration of oil and natural phenomena using satellites , the second lecture was delivered by senior chief geologists Iman Jwad Shaker which included the study of hydrocarbon probabilities for the installation of Umm Al-Khashaf using this technique, while the third lecture by Dr. Faleh Mahdi Daem from the field of Nasiriyah .

The second session included two scientific lectures , the first lecture was delivered by the chief geologists Asaad Mortada Pasha / the oil exploration company on the reservoir controls behind the development of chalky consequences in the province of Nasiriyah oil , while the second lecture delivered by  Prof Dr. Abdul Razzaq Tarash   and Assist. Prof.Dr Amzahm Abdul Karim building and construction engineering department / University of Technology , which included the technique of (Hyper spectral remote sensing) in the exploration of oil and gas reservoirs, a very important technology in this field.

At the end of the symposium, the lecturers were honored with letters of thanks and appreciation by the President of the University. The Chairmen, the Rapporteurs and the organizing committee of the symposium were also honored for their efforts in making this symposium a success.





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