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The members of the Petroleum technology department participated in a workshop titled "Electronic Crimes" which was established by Zain Telecommunications Company Under thesupervision of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research on Wednesday 13/12/2017.

The workshop included lecture by the Head of Recruitment at Zain where he pointed out the importance of websites and how to deal with them and provide some tips on how to use them correctly and useful.


Hosted by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, innovation organization, and UNDP organization, the Rehabilitation and Employment Unit participated in Development Seminar on Tuesday / 27/11/2017 In the presence of Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research Dr. Fuad Kassem, and the head of the planning unit in the ministry Dr. Omer Alashary

The seminar concentrated on the importance of human development of youth capabilities and increasing the work and achievements of unit. They also discussed the problems and challenges faced by graduates and opportunities for cooperation with entrepreneurs.















Assist.lec jihad hussan Participated in the Engineering Conference at the University of Baghdad in a research entitled “Optimizing Water flood Design Of Heterogeneous Reservoirs In Super-Giant Field " Under the supervision of the head of the department Prof. Dr. Mohammed Salah Al Jwad for two days from 20-21 / 12/2017 at the conference hall in the Chemical Engineering department / University of Baghdad.

The researcher reviewed during the conference a simplified profile of the research dealt with a new method of calculating "up scaling method" of large and irregular oil fields, during the conference, the researchers were honored with certificates of appreciation.













Students of the fourth year / Petroleum Technology Department discussed the schedule of graduation project in the Rumaila Hall on Tuesday 12/12/2017 in the presence of scientific deputy Assist.Prof.Dr Asawer Abd Alrasol.

During the discussions, students presented plans for work on graduation projects.


The Department of Petroleum Technology at the University of Technology participated in the celebrations of the Great Iraqi Victory on Thursday, 14/12/2017. The building of the department was decorated with Iraqi flags and bulletins praising the victories of our heroic armed forces on Dahesh. The central celebrations were attended by a number of teachers, employees and students of the department.

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