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An official delegation from the Petrograd Chinese company visited the Petroleum Technology Department and was received by the Head of Department, Dr. Mohammed Saleh Al-Jawad, the Rehabilitation and Employment Unit and the follow-up of the graduates, in the presence of the President of the University, Prof. Dr. Amin Douai, on Tuesday, 21/11/2017. The meeting included consultation and research to find an appropriate mechanism for joint cooperation between the university and the company as well as providing job opportunities for the students of the department in the company or training in them. The delegation also briefed the scientific laboratories in the department and the other sections of the university.



The prof. assist. Laila Alwan participated in the third scientific conference on environment and sustainable development held for two days, 15-16 / 11/2017 at the University of Technology. She  published a research entitled (Quarterly Changes of Residual Aluminum Concentration in Drinking Water). The study included a study of (6) projects related with filtering the water in Baghdad by using  the concentration of aluminum which is used as compounds for purification purposes. Among the results were different relationships related to increased concentration related to ph and high temperatures. The emphasis was on aluminum because of its health effects affecting the nervous system, which causes Alzheimer's or Parkinson's paralysis if it exceeds the upper limits within the body. The prof. assist. Laila Alwan received a certificate of appreciation for her efforts and outstanding contribution to the conference.


Prof. Ahmed Abdullah Ramadan, a lecturer in the Department of Petroleum Technology, published a research entitled "The chemical and theoretical content of rainwater and the preparation of the rain line in the city of Baghdad".

The objective of the research is to determine the properties of chemical, physical, and isotopic rain water and to prepare the rain line for the city of Baghdad.

The researcher found that the values ​​of pH (5.5-6.44) ranged from mild acidity to neutral and, the total soluble salts from (84-189) ppm , the negative and positive ions / values ​​of sodium ions (11.59-28) mg / L , potassium ions (0.05- 1.05) Mg / L , magnesium ion (2.2-9.7) mg / L , calcium ion (11.22-36.2) mg / L , chloride ion (17.5-39.82) mg / L and bicarbonate (18.3-49.57) mg / L and sulfuric acid (12.47-38.34) Mg / L as well as the determination of the isotopic content of (9) rainwater samples including deuterium and oxygen-18, with values ​​of deuterium (-7.25-0.79%) and oxygen -18 (-48.78-18.75%).



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