Volunteer work for the Petroleum Technology Department staff

Based on the sense of responsibility of the staff of the Petroleum Technology Department, the department's teachers and administrators staff do a voluntary work that included the purchase and installation of more than 100 automatic fire extinguishing balls in the corridors and rooms of the department's main building.

The fire extinguishing ball is a ball made of reinforced cork packed with dry chemical powder (the active substance is first ammonium phosphate) as it is suitable for all types of fires (A, B, C, D, E, F).


Fire Extinguishing Ball Functions:


- This ball works automatically: it is placed on top of electrical devices and equipment or by rolling and throwing it on the fire.

- Alarm to warn those present: it is the sound of the explosion (a unit of measure 138 decibels), and the outward driving force does not harm humans or the environment.


- Smothering the fire: This is done by dissolving the layers of air and discharging the oxygen from the surroundings of the burning material.

- Extinguishing the fire: by blowing dry powder atoms on the fire (the active substance is first ammonium phosphate).

Long-term: no need for inspection and maintenance, its shelf life is five years.

Lightweight and effective: its weight is less than (1.5 kg) and its carrying is suitable for women, children and the elderly.

- Easy to use and does not require any training: it works by simply throwing it on the fire or installing it above the sources of danger.

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