A research visit to the Central Oil Company / Al-Ahdab field

Within the cooperation and joint committees between the Department of Oil and Gas Engineering and the Iraqi Ministry of Oil / Al-Wasat Refineries, a delegation from the joint committee visited Al-Wasat Oil Company / Al-Ahdab field in Wasit Governorate for two days, 1/30-31/2024, for the purpose of taking samples of crude oil, visiting field laboratories, and starting In the process of improving the properties and specifications of field crude oil, which is considered a heavy oil.

The delegation, headed by Administrative Assistant Prof. Dr. Ramzi Sayhoud Hameed, and the head of the Studies and Planning Division, Prof. Dr. Ali Abdel-Wahab Ati and Prof. Dr. Haider Hassan Alwan / Oil Refineries Company and Chief Engineer Ali Mahmoud Abbas / Central Oil Company with the Director General of Al-Ahdab Field, Mr. Azhar Majeed Ghalib, for the purpose of clarifying the work of the joint committee between the department and the Iraqi Ministry of Oil


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