Fourth stage lectures

Fourth Stage
First Course
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  Petroleum Reservoir Engineering 3  Dr. Fadhil Sarhan Kadhim    
 Drilling Problems 2      
 Engineering Project 1      
 Well Testing  2      
 Integrated Field Development and Management I 2      
 Engineering Ethics  2  Dr.Firas khaleel ismeal  
subsurface production equipments  1      
 Natural Gas Engineering  2      
 Advanced topics in drilling  2      
 Enhanced Oil Recovery   Dr.Samaher Abdul Rasool   
    Second Course
 Horizontal Drilling  3  Waseem Ali Hassan    
 Engineering Project 3  Dr. Aqeel Shakir Ghani +Dr. Asawer Abdul Rasul    
  Well Monitoring and workover  2       
 Engineering management  2  Leila Lateef Alwan  
 Integrated Field Development and Management II  2  Dr. Mohammed Salih    
 hazard and safety  2 Dr.Firas khaleel ismeal
 Drilling simulation  2     Dr.Samaher Abdul Rasool     
 Reservoir Simulation  2     Dr.Samaher Abdul Rasool   
 Risk analysis 2  Dr. Rmazi Sehud Hamid   
 Custody Transfer 2   Dr.Firas khaleel ismeal