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    The General Authority was established in the Petroleum Technology Department on Monday
  The Registration and the Documents Sections held a seminar on "Presentation of the New
  Scientific Deputy Assist.Prof.Dr Adel Sherif Hammadi Director of laboratories met laboratory
The head of petrolume technology department Prof.Dr Akeel Shaker met  the teaching  and employees
  The International Petroleum Engineers Association (SPE) held a lecture entitled "Basic of
The Head of the Department, Prof. Aqeel Shaker Al-Adly, discussed a Master's thesis in the
Under the slogan" Summer training for students"  the department orginizeed a scientific seminar  on
The members of the Petroleum technology department participated in a workshop titled "Electronic
Hosted by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, innovation organization, and
Assist.lec jihad hussan Participated in the Engineering Conference at the University of Baghdad in

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