Teacher in the department contribute a lecture on the virtual education system

Within the discussion sessions in the department, Dr. Sundus Ibrahim give a scientific lecture on (A Guide for Virtual Education Management System) on Monday 23/4/2018 on the conference hall in the presence of deputy head for scientific affairs , Dr. Adel Sharif Hamadi Al-Obaidi .

The lecture aimed at achieving the scientific benefit of from finding a virtual class capable of enhancing the interaction between the professor and the university student.

she talk in this lecture on the basic steps for the establishment of a virtual classroom and how to build the virtual classrooms and provide them with all means that help the professor to organize the lecture in a scientific and technological way and to help the student to absorb the scientific material in multiple ways through the application of the system google classroom). The lecture also included how to assign the assignment to the student and how to provide an exam for students and determine the time and date of delivery of the duty or exam.At the end of the presentation I left the opportunity to attend the discussion and ask questions. The pros were mentioned through the practical experience of the professor. 


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