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Within the first cultural season of the Department of Oil Technology for the academic year 2021-2022, the lecturer, Dr. Anwar Nazim Muhammad Ali, Head of the Quality and Academic Performance Division, gave a lecture entitled: The role of the teaching in the national classification and reliability on Monday 4/10/2021 and in the smart hall in the department building In the presence of the head of the department, M.D. Fadel Sarhan, scientific and administrative assistants, and a number of teachers. The lecture aimed to effectively enhance the role of the teacher within the axes of the national classification and the axes of program accreditation. During the lecture, several procedures were presented that the teacher must perform to contribute to improving the national classification of his educational institution and complete the requirements for obtaining program accreditation.

Within the first cultural season of the University of Technology/International Petroleum Engineers Society/Baghdad Sector for the academic year 2021-2022, Engineer Jassim Muhammad Jalil gave a lecture entitled:

 Simulation Principles of Single Phase Flow in Porous Media, on Sunday 3/10/2021 via the electronic platform Google meet, and in the presence of a large number of university students with oil specializations such as Baghdad and Al-Farabi University. 

The lecture included comprehensive introductory issues about the principles of reservoir simulation of flow in porous media, as it is one of the important topics, especially for students of the fourth stage. The lecture also included a fruitful discussion by professors, students and graduates of the department.


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