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The Scientific Committee of the First International Conference on Oil Technology held a meeting on Sunday 13/1/2019 in the section council headed by Prof. Dr. Aqeel Shaker Al-Adly, President of the Conference and Chairman of the Preparatory Committee, in the presence of the Head of Chemical Engineering Department Dr. Khalid Ajami Sugar and Director of Environment Center Dr. Abdul Hamid Dr. Mohammed Jawad and the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at the Iraqi University Dr. Mohammed Halil Al Kaabi and all the members of the Preparatory and Scientific Committee. The meeting reviewed the latest developments on the preparatory matters of the conference, which included the discussion of financial and scientific matters, especially scientific research received, amounting to (61).




In the course of the semester of the department, a lecture entitled "Methods of Measuring Petrophysical Properties in Oil Reservoirs" was delivered by Mr. Marwa Zahir Abdul Kadhim on Monday, 31/12/2018 and at the conference hall in the presence of Scientific Assistant, Dr. Adel Sherif Hammadi and a number of Teaching Section.The lecture included the study of petrophysical characteristics (porosity and permeability) and their types and methods of measurement, the most important laboratory methods, using the traditional devices and modern equipment using the technique of magnetic resonance (NMR) and by means of logging (Logging) in addition to methods of field measurement by (well tests).





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Teaching a lecture on biofuels


As part of the departmental season, she taught. Rana Abbas Aziz lecture entitled (Biofuels) on Monday, 7/1/2019 and the conference hall and in the presence of scientific and administrative assistants, AD Adel Sharif Hammadi and Dr. Raed Naeem Hwain and a number of teachers of the department.The lecture included the definition of biofuels, which is the energy derived from organisms, whether plant or animal. It is one of the most important sources of renewable energy, unlike other natural resources such as crude oil, coal, fossil fuels and nuclear fuel.


During the semester of the department, the lecturer Dr. Hadil Fawzi Jassim delivered a lecture entitled "The interest of university journalism in students' issues", Journal of the University of Technology, on Monday, 7/1/2019, and the conference hall in the presence of scientific and administrative assistants. Hammadi and MA Dr. Raed Naeem Hwain and a number of teachers of the department. The lecture focused on the need for university media / university journalism to focus more on student issues by highlighting their various activities (scientific, service, educational and health) in order to expand their awareness and encourage them to make more success and excellence in service of the university and the country.


Prof. Dr. Raed Naeem Hwain delivered a scientific lecture entitled: Self-report according to the ABET standards / outputs of the students, on Monday 7/1/2019 and on the conference hall in the presence of scientific assistant, Dr. Adel Sherif Hammadi and a number of teachers and employees Section . The lecture included the international standards adopted according to the ABET and how to describe the lectures according to AK standards which represent the standards of the international universities and how to measure the performance of the concepts in each lecture and measuring the level of achievement of the objectives of the educational institution on the one hand and the performance of the academic professor in achieving educational goals and success in presenting the lecture according to standards not subject For emotional or other stimuli.


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