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The head of the department, Prof. Aqil Shaker Al-Adly, received the ministerial committee for the quality audit of the laboratories headed by Dr. Dr. Mohamed Hassan Nayef and the membership of Raya Hamed Hamid / Central Technical College. He also received the Scientific Review Committee at the University of Technology under the chairmanship of Dr. Mohammed Salab Hamza and the Administrative Audit Committee headed by MA Dr. Maha Abdel Karim Hamoud. The labs met with laboratory officials and in the presence of the administrative assistant, Dr.Dr. Raed Naeem Hwain, Director of the Quality Division of the lab. Dr. Hussein Al-Allaibi and Head of the Brain Accreditation Unit Dr. Danour Nazem and Director of Laboratory Division Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Hassan Wahib.


Eng. Ahmed Saad Jassim discussed his thesis titled (A practical study of the effect of the angles of the punching ring on the cutting forces of carbon steel plates) and the granting of a master's degree in the specialization of engineering of production and minerals on Monday 28/1/2019. University of Technology and in the presence of the Head of Department, Mr. Aqil Shaker Al-Adly and a number of teachers and staff of the department. The researcher spoke during his letter about the operation of sheet metal, including the cutting process, which is the first phase of any process of formation and used in manufacturing. From Dr. Walid Khaled Jawad as Chairman and both Mr.A.D. Ahmed Zidan Mohammed A. Aqil Sabri Boden members and D.D. Ali Abar Khalifa supervisor.


The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Prof. Qusay Al-Suhail, inspected the atmosphere of the university students on Wednesday, 23/1/2019.The Minister held several rounds in the university departments, including the Petroleum Technology Department. The Minister was accompanied by the President of the University, Prof. Amin Douai Thamer, the Head of the Department, Prof. Aqeel Shaker Al Adly, the Scientific and Administrative Assistants and the Head of the Branch.The Minister stressed the importance of providing all the necessary inputs for the success of the educational process.


The head of the department, Prof.D. Aqil Shaker Al-Adly, participated in the meeting of the Martyrs Foundation which was held at the University of Technology in January 2019. In the presence of a number of heads of university departments, they discussed the provision of necessary supplies to the students of the martyrs' families and providing material and moral support to them.


Head of the Department, Prof. Dr. Aqeel Shaker Al-Adly, and a number of lecturers at the Third Scientific Conference of Electrical Engineering, supported the IEEE Iraq Branch, which was established by the University Departments / Electrical Engineering, Control and Systems Engineering, Computer Engineering and Communications Engineering Department for 19-20 / 12/2019. In the university and with the participation of a large number of scientific bodies from inside and outside the country.


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