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In the presence of the Prime Minister Dr.Haider Alabady , The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Dr. Abd Alrazaq Essa,The President of University  Prof. Ameen Daway and the Heads of departments , Petrolume technology department participated in the Central university celebration By graduating its forty-second session, "The Cycle of Liberation and Construction" On Thursday 21/12/2017

The ceremony was opened by the Prime Minister word Who praised the students of the University of Technology and its effict in the future and

Congratulating Iraqis on their victory wishing them a bright future in building a great Iraq.

The top three graduates were honored By the Minister











The Head of the Department, Prof. Aqeel Shaker Al-Adly, discussed a Master's thesis in the Department of Building and Construction Engineering on the subject of "Circular and square foundations on weak sandy soils" on Monday 19/2/2018 on the hall of “Dr. Nema Hamad Ammar”

Petroleum Technology department at the University of Technology  renews memorandum of understanding with Basra Oil Company On Sunday 4/2/2018 where Scientific Deputy Assist.Prof Adel Sherif Hammadi and Assist.Prof Asawer Abdul Rasool met the delegation from the company. The delegation included both senior chief geologists Dr.Majid Mohammed Mahawi and chief engineer Qais Saleh Mahdi.

The meeting included the renewal of the memorandum of understanding for the purpose of activating the memorandum, which includes the axis of students and the axis of science and the center of studies





























Under the guidance of the Iraqi Council of Representatives and the Presidency of the University of Technology and the Presidency of the department, not to smoke in the corridors of government departments for the maintenance of public health .The Voluntary Action Committee initiated an awareness raising campaign to raise awareness of the harmful effects of smoking in order to urge students, associates and teachers not to smoke in closed places in government departments, and in classrooms.









The General Authority was established in the Petroleum Technology Department on Monday 12/2/2018 on the conference hall in attendance of the President of University Prof. Dr. Amin Douai Thamer, the head of the department   Prof. Dr. Akil Shaker El Adly , Administrative Scientific Deputy ,teachers and employers staff .

The President of the University Guidance to pay attention to the scientific side and urged the teaching staff to publish research and the work of research teams in cooperation with the ministries of the state also addressed during the meeting mechanism development of the department to promote the scientific reality of students and growth section.








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