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The Registration and the Documents Sections held a seminar on "Presentation of the New Electronic System" on Tuesday 20/2/2018 on the conference hall in attendance with the head of petroleum technology department Prof.Dr Akeel Shaker, Scientific Deputy  Assist.Prof.Dr Adel Sherif Hammadi , administrative  Deputy Assist.Prof.Dr Raad Naeem , Head of Branch Assist.Prof.Dr Ahmed Abdulla Ramadan ,and number of employees.   The program includes statistics for students accepted for all academic years, and includes statistics of the type of admission, sex of the student (male and female), the number of admissions and the names and the names of the Defendants,

The Director of the Registration Section Eng. Saif Emad Abdul Razzaq expressed the importance of the new system by searching the files of students at high speed and knowledge of the curriculum vitae of all students at a certain stage and in any school year to be determined by the user. The system also included the work of an electronic record and the installation of the administrative track of the document since the submission of the request and until delivery to the owner of the possibility to make statistics for documents completed within one month only or a time can be determined by the employee.




Scientific Deputy Assist.Prof.Dr Adel Sherif Hammadi Director of laboratories met laboratory officials on Wednesday 21/2/2018 and on the conference hall in the presence of scientific and practical supervisors and all engineers.

Assist.Prof.Dr Adel Sherif Talk on the importance of laboratories in the department according to quality standards and the need to pay attention to laboratory devices and maintenance periodically and the operation of equipment unemployed stressing at work.

The head of petrolume technology department Prof.Dr Akeel Shaker met  the teaching  and employees staff On Monday 12/2/2018  on the conference hall  in attendance with  Scientific Deputy  Assist.Prof.Dr Adel Sherif Hammadi and administrative  Deputy Assist.Prof.Dr Raad Naeem.

During the meeting, the head of the department talked about the importance of working as a team for the success of the department, as well as promoting the educational reality of the students, how to develop the scientific curriculum  of the department and the use of modern methods of teaching and activating the practical side of specialization, as well as urging teachers to complete and work on scientific research for the purposes of promotion and upgrading the level of the section ,also upgrading the global classification of universities. 




The International Petroleum Engineers Association (SPE) held a lecture entitled "Basic of drilling technology" in the Petroleum Technology Department by Eng. Ibrahim Hassan Abdul Hadi Basra/ Oil Company - North Rumaila ,in attendance of head of department  Prof. Akeel Shaker and head of branch Assist.Prof Ahmed Abdul Allah

The Engineer talked during the present about the basics of drilling made up of the towers and parts of drilling and also explained the importance of drilling in the oil industry and how to develop the field.

At the end of the lecture, the lecturer was honored with a letter of thanks and appreciation by the head of the department in appreciation of the efforts exerted. 


The Head of the Department, Prof. Aqeel Shaker Al-Adly, discussed a Master's thesis in the Department of Building and Construction Engineering on the subject of "Circular and square foundations on weak sandy soils" on Monday 19/2/2018 on the hall of “Dr. Nema Hamad Ammar”.



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