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An official delegation from the Petrograd Chinese company visited the Petroleum Technology Department and was received by the Head of Department, Dr. Mohammed Saleh Al-Jawad, the Rehabilitation and Employment Unit and the follow-up of the graduates, in the presence of the President of the University, Prof. Dr. Amin Douai, on Tuesday, 21/11/2017. The meeting included consultation and research to find an appropriate mechanism for joint cooperation between the university and the company as well as providing job opportunities for the students of the department in the company or training in them. The delegation also briefed the scientific laboratories in the department and the other sections of the university.




The students of the fourth stage / petrolume technology department discussed the first course graduation projects for the academic year 2017/2018 on  Sunday and Monday 18-19 / 2/2018  It was among the discussion committees the head of Petroleum Technology department Prof.Dr Akeel Shaker ,Scientific and administrative Deputy , professors and teaching staff. During the discussions, the students explained the objectives of their projects and how to apply them and benefit from them in the oil sector and appropriate with the requirements of the labor market.






The resercher Ibrahim Abdul Salam participated in the ADIPEC World Conference in Abu Dhabi Under supervision Assist.Prof. Mohammed Saleh al jawad and Dr.Bashar Sadon Mahdi for the period 13-16 / 11/2017.  

During the conference, the researcher presented an explanation of his research which is the first research of a kind in the field of drilling software dealing with the oil sector, Note that the research part of his  thesis In which the researcher obtained the degree of excellence At the end of the conference, the researcher received acknowledgement for his efforts.




The Head of Department, Assist .Prof.Dr. Mohammed Saleh Al-Jawad, met with students of the first stage for the  academic year 2017-2018 on thersday 23/11/2017  in the presence of the scientific assistant Assit.Prof.Dr Asawer abd alrasol , head of branch Assist.Dr.samaher abd alrasol ,the Rapporteur of the Branch Lec.Dr Feras Khaleel And head of the Committee for Educational Guidance

Lec.Dr mohammed Abd Al Hassan

During the meeting, the head of the department talked about the certificate given to them upon completion of their courses, as well as the advantages of oil engineering and the work environment and listen during the meeting to some questions and suggestions and clarify them.



Head of Petroleum technology department Prof. Dr. Mohammed Salah Aljawad  Participate in the Symposium on "Water in the Petroleum Industry Sources and Alternatives" Which was proceed on the Al Aksaa Hall on Monday 20/11/2017 In the presence of a number of employees of the department.

The symposium included a study presented by the Oil Research and Development Center in cooperation with the Oil Exploration Company Which included various presentations on the subject of the seminar.



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