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Under the slogan" Summer training for students"  the department orginizeed a scientific seminar  on 28/12/2017  In the presence of the head of the department Prof. Dr. Mohammed , scientific deputy Assist.Prof.Dr Asawer Abd Alrasol , administrative  deputy  Dr.Raad Haween , head of branch Dr.Samaher Abd Alrasol  and representatives of oil companies and a large number of teachers and staff members of the training committees at the university departments.

The seminar  included a speech by the head of department In which he welcomed the distinguished attendance He spoke about the importance of summer training for the student so that they can identify the nature of the work on the ground and be able to know the equipment that can be used in the future. The training side is complementary to the theoretical academic side and can not be dispensed with, especially at the university of technology known for its training.

The session was chaired by the Chairman of the Summer Training Committee Dr. Sundus I. Mahdi who selected a choice (11) report out of (115)  report  was completed during the summer training last year to be presented at the seminar because of the scientific benefit for the department. The students (Yasin Farid, Nasser Naim, Mohammed Jabbar, Aqeel Mohammed, Mohammed Lotfi, Abdullah Khaled, Islam Hussein, Zeinab Essam, Ayat Ghaith, Amna Zaher, Reem Ammar) presented their scientific reports according to their groups in the field of training, whether with Central Oil Company , Iraqi Drilling Company or other companies.  Then held discussions and make several proposals to diagnose the negatives and positives in the training sites and to inform the oil companies about the obstacles that can occur so that the student can benefit from training in a better way in the future.  All of the proposals will be taken through continuous cooperation with the Head of Petroleum Technology.

At the end of the seminar, the head of the department, Prof. Dr. Mohammed handed a letter of appreciation to the participating companies and the students for their efforts in making the seminar a success.