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The students of petroleum technology department discussed their graduation projects for the academic year 2017-2018 in two days on Wednesday and Thursday 16-17 / 5/2018 on the halls of the department, among the discussion committees head of department Dr. Aqeel Shakir Ghani Al-Adili , deputy head for scientific affairs & post graduate , deputy head for administrative Affair ,and department teachers

During their scientific discussions, the students discussed the objectives of their projects and how they can make it applied and the importance and benefit from their projects in the oil sectors in accordance with the requirements of the labor market.






master's student Ghafran Faleh Bader  got excellence degree in the field of oil engineering / drilling obtained a of for her thesis (evaluate of drilling mud with nano additives at high temperature which was held on Thursday 3/5/2018 on the conference hall.

The importance of the thesis is to improve filtration properties under high temperature and high pressure working conditions using nanostructures. The discussion committee included Dr. Aqeel Shakir Ghani Al-Adili as the head , Dr. Adel Sharif Hamadi Al-Obaidi , Ravid Kazem Jasper as the Members , under supervision Dr. Asawer Abdul Rasul  and Dr. Nada Sabah Salman

The researcher Masara Salam Hamid discussed her master thesis titled (Effect of Nano Material on Lubricity and Drag Coefficient ) in the field of oil engineering / drilling on Wednesday 2/5/2018 and on the conference hall. The Master's thesis aimed to improve the lubrication properties of drilling fluids by using nanomaterial’s, the student obtained excellence degree.

The discussion committee consisted of Dr.mohammed Salh ,Dr.najem  Abdalkathem Dr.Hassan abdalhadi , under supervision Dr. Asawer Abdul Rasul  and Dr. Nada Sabah Salman


Petroleum technology participated in the second annual symposium entitled

(Graduation projects nucleus of excellence and scientific creativity) it’s organized by the petroleum engineering department / University of Baghdad in cooperation with the Association of international petroleum engineers / Baghdad Branch and the Union of Arab Universities for two days 29-3 - 4/2018 and on Baghdad University / Engineering collage

The first day of the seminar included lectures by a group of experts in various sciences

The second day included a student scientific competition for the projects of graduate students of the fourth stage of (8) Iraqi universities in the specialty of oil

The petroleum technology department won the second place in the competition under the graduation project of Fatma Haider and fatma Abdul Salam under supervision Assistant lecture Wassem Ali , Dr. Asawer Abdul Rasul  received an appreciation certificate for her efforts in this symposium

Dr. Najem Abdul Kadhim Al-Rubaie participated in the training talk up technology competition as an arbitrator member on Monday 23/4/2018 on the English language center, nine students from the University of Technology and other Iraqi universities were selected from among a large number of students to participate in this scientific competition

Which won (3) students, including the department student / Ayat Ghaith. Stage 3

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