The Department of Oil Technology issued the first issue of the Iraqi Journal of Oil and Gas Research on 10/11/2021 for the year 2021, with efforts and direct support from the head of the department / editor-in-chief of the editorial board, Prof. Talib Muhammad Nayef and Branch Head/Editor-in-chief Dr. Emad Abdul-Hussein Fakher, who had a major role in preparing and editing the first issue.The head of the department congratulated the efforts of all the professors and researchers who contributed to the success and publication of the first issue of the journal.

The editorial board membership consisted of: Prof. Ali Mohsen Al-Mashat, and Prof. Muhammad Hassan Khaddour, Prof. Dr. Abd al-Hamid Muhammad Jawad, Prof. Iyad Abd al-Halim Abd al-Razzaq, Prof. Sayed Nour Din Hosseini, Prof. Hassan Mahani, Prof. Sallam Jabbar Hassan, Prof. Negm Abdel Al-Kadhim, M.D. Ahmed Abdullah, Associate Professor Ramzy Seyhoud, PhD. Youssef Khalaf Youssef, Dr. Ali Abdel-Zahra, Dr. Ali Jabbar.


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