Workshop on work and safety guidance in the laboratories of the department

For the purpose of fully engineering cadres, the department sought to adopt the principle of performance and quality of the university , and within the scientific activity of the Scientific Committee in cooperation with the research unit for the second semester of the academic year 2017-2018 , an educational workshop was held for engineers given by Deputy Head for Scientific Affairs  Dr. Adel Sharif Hamadi Al-Obaidi  entitled "Guidance and Skills in Work Procedures, Safety and Safety in Chemical Laboratories" on 4/4/2018 at Conference Hall , talked about the benefits of laboratory work and its nature, the conditions of success of the laboratory experiment, how to acquire new skills and techniques in laboratory work, types and requirements of laboratory experiments in terms of performance, safety precautions in dealing with materials and chemical devices, the method of keeping chemicals in the laboratory, safety instructions and fire prevention And prevention and first aid guidelines.


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