A workshop in the Department of Oil and Gas Engineering on the Bologna Process



The Department of Oil and Gas Engineering held a workshop on the Bologna Track System today, Sunday, 1/7/2024, in the Smart Hall.The target groups in the course were the teaching and engineering staff of the laboratories and the administrative staff related to the students. The workshop was opened by the head of the department, Prof. Dr. Fadel Sarhan Kazem, explaining the importance of carrying out all the duties required in the Bologna track, including entering grades, attendance, etc., stressing the completion of all requirements during this week.

The workshop had three parts:

The first part was an introduction to the Bologna Track, delivered by the Head of the Petroleum Engineering Branch, Dr. Imad Abdel Hussein Fakher, in which he explained an introductory overview of the Bologna Track, stressing two matters: the first is the issue of attendance and absence for students, and the second is the issue of entering grades and evaluations into the system on an ongoing basis. The second part was about the professorship system for the engineering staff, delivered by the Director of Registration and Student Affairs, M.M. Jassim Muhammad Jalil explained how to manage the professor’s account and enter attendance, absence, and evaluations for students. The third part was about the management system for division managers, delivered by the branch’s rapporteur, M.M. Muhammad Abdullah Ahmed, explaining the duties of the Financial Division, the Statistics Unit, the Absences Committee, and the rest of the divisions and units in the Bologna Track System.










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