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Dr. Hussein I. Z. Al-Sudani

Petroleum Technology Department

Asst. Prof.

عنوان البريد الإلكتروني هذا محمي من روبوتات السبام. يجب عليك تفعيل الجافاسكربت لرؤيته.

Dr. Hussein Al-Sudani currently works at Petroleum Technology Department- University of Technology/ Iraq, since 2015. He Earned His B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Geology (Hydrogeology) from University of Baghdad- College of science- Department of Geology. He Teaches General Geology, Geology of Iraq and Middle East and Risk Analysis. He supervising on several (M.Sc.) and (Ph.D.) thesis and participate in Postgraduates examination committees.


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1- Philosophy Doctorate of Hydrogeology., Hydrogeology and Water Resources (Ph.D.)

2- Master of Science, Hydrogeology (M.Sc.)

3- Bachelor of Science, Geology (B.Sc.)

- Hydrogeology

- Geochemistry

- Groundwater Modeling

- Geomorphology

- Meteorological Sciences

1- Jameel, Layth A; Kadhim, Fadhil S; Al-Sudani, Hussein Ilaibi : Geological Model for Khasib Formation of East Baghdad Field Southern Area.
2- Hussein Al-Sudani: Groundwater Pollution: Present Perspectives and Remediation-A review.
3- Hussein Al-Sudani: A Review on Groundwater Pollution.
4- Hussein Al-Sudani: Estimation of Water Balance in Iraq using Meteorological Data.
5- Batool M.A. Saeed, Hussein Al-Sudani: Hydrochemical Pollution of groundwater in Badra-Jasan basin _ Eastern of Iraq.
6- Hussein Al-Sudani: Salinity Pollution of Groundwater in South of Iraq.
7- Hussein Al-Sudani: Derivation Mathematical Equations for Future Calculation of Potential Evapotranspiration in Iraq, A Review of Application of Thornthwaite Evapotranspiration.
8- Hussein Ilaibi Zamil Al-Sudani: Rainfall Returns Periods in Iraq.
9- Hussein Ilaibi Zamil Al-Sudani: Groundwater system of Dibdibba sandstone aquifer in south of Iraq.
10- Hussein Al-Sudani: Hydrochemistry of Groundwater in Northeast Part of Anbar Governorate-West of Iraq.
11- Hussein Ilaibi Zamil Al-Sudani: Temperature – Potential Evapotranspiration Relationship in Iraq Using Thornthwaite Method.
12- Hussein Ilaibi Zamil Al-Sudani: Derivation mathematical equations to estimate water surplus and groundwater recharge in Iraq.
13- Hussein Al-Sudani: Hydrochemical Evaluation and Utilization of Groundwater in Khanaqin Area, Diyala Governorate-East of Iraq.
14- Hussein Al-Sudani: Hydraulic Parameters of Groundwater Aquifers in Khan-Al-Baghdadi Area.
15- Hussein Al-Sudani: Influence of Structural Factors on Groundwater System - West of Iraq.
16- Hussein Al-Sudani: Calculating of Groundwater Recharge using Meteorological Water Balance and Water level Fluctuation in Khan Al-Baghdadi Area.
17- Hussein Al-Sudani: Hydrogeological Properties of Groundwater in Karbala'a Governorate-Iraq.
18- Hussein Al-Sudani: Study of Morphometric Properties and Water Balance Using Thornthwaite Method in Khanaqin Basin, East of Iraq.
19- Hussein Al-Sudani: Digital Analysis of Morphometric properties of Abu Mrais Basin in Mouthana Governorate.
20- Hussein Al-Sudani: Landforms of Abu Mrais Basin in Mouthana Governorate.
21- Hussein Al-Sudani, Ahmad A. Ramadhan, Batool M. A. Saeed: Groundwater System of Khanaqin Basin in Diyala Governorate -East of Iraq.
22- Hussein Al-Sudani, Ahmad A. Ramadhan, Batool M. A. Saeed: Meteorological Water Balance of Khan Al-Baghdadi and surrounding area within Anbar Governorate -West of Iraq.
23- Hussein Al-Sudani: Hydraulic Parameters of groundwater Aquifers in Khanaqin basin.
24- Hussein Al-Sudani: Hydrogeological study of Khan Al-Baghdadi area in Anbar governorate - West of Iraq.
25- Hussein Ilaibi Zamil Al-Sudani: Groundwater Investigation in Iraqi Marshland Area.
26- Ahmad A Ramadhan, Hussien I Z Al-Sudani, Sarhan Kadhim, Ayman Tariq, Muhammed Lutfy: Evaluation of Petrophysical Properties Using Imaging Techniques.
27- Hussein Al-Sudani, Jawad. S.B, Naom, F. H., Bashoo, D. Y., Batool M.A. Saeed: Hydrogeology of Aquifers in the Western Desert - West and South of Euphrates River.
28- Hussein Al-Sudani, Jawad. S.B., Jawad M.A., Batool M.A. Saeed: Hydrogeological Investigations for sector 9,5th Stage, Badra-Jassan Region, East of Iraq.

- General Geology, Geology of Iraq and Middle East and Risk Analysis in Petroleum Engineering department, University of Technology- Iraq.

Dr. Hussein Al-Sudani Earned several appreciation and thankful memos as well as certificate of participation from a wide range of international agancies, Iraqi Ministries and Universities reach about 50 memo.