Second stage lectures

Second Stage
First Course
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  Ordinary Differential Equations 3      
 Structural Geology  3      
 Fluid Mechanic I 2  Dr. Asawer Abdul Rasul  
Crude oil and products properties  2   Dr. Rmazi Sehud Hamid  
  Strength of Material  3      
 Thermodynamic  2      
 Computer Programming (Fortran)  2      
 Human Rights  1  Dr. Hadeel Fawzi Jasim  
    Second Course
 Partial Differential Equations  3  Dr. Anwar Nazim Mohammad  
 Petroleum Geology  2  Dr. Ahmed Abdullah Ramadan    
  fluid mechanicsII  3  Dr. Asawer Abdul Rasul Sarhan  
 Probability and Statistical  3   Dr. Najim Abd ALkazem  
 Reservoir Petrophysics  3   Dr. Fadhil Sarhan Kadhim  
 Geology of Iraq and Middle East  2  Dr. Hussein Al-loeiby  
 (Computer Programming (Matlab  3   Dr.Sundus Ibraheem Mahdi  
 Democracy  1   Dr. Hadeel Fawzi Jasim