Quality Division

Quality Assurance and University Performance Division


The Quality Assurance and University Performance Division has been established since the establishment of the Petroleum Technology Department in 2010.

Tasks and duties

1- To spread the culture of quality in the department through holding seminars and issuing studies, brochures and publications in coordination with the department of quality assurance and university performance at the university.

2 - Publish the activities and activities of the department and its affiliates on the Internet (the Internet ... etc)

3 - Documenting the activities of the department's employees (courses, conferences, symposia, conferences, etc.)

4 - Supervision and follow-up of the work of the Division during the preparation and preparation for the evaluation of the staff and staff of the department and audit at the completion of work.

5 - Supervising and follow up on the preparation of the assessment of the colleges and institutes of the department.

6 - Evaluation of the educational process by measuring the performance indicators of the inputs and outputs of the educational process (faculty - students - workers - the process of scientific research - design programs and curricula - supporting educational services - social climate within the university .. etc)

7 - Establishment of an integrated database and files for all programs and curricula for all the degrees offered by the Department in preparation for the adoption of what is consistent with international standards and competent local and international bodies.

8 - Follow-up the development of the research units of the programs and regulations to reach graduates to a distinguished level among graduates of the corresponding colleges in order to achieve them a high competitiveness in the local, Arab and international labor market.

9 - Document the activities of the department.



Director of the Division / EM Laila Latif


1 - Senior engineer / Shahinaz basem / head of the laboratory accreditation unit

2 - Engineer / Nour Nasir

3 - Researcher / Hanan Abbas