Legal Unit

Legal unit

The legal unit was established in the department in a year


Main functions of the legal unit in the Department of Petroleum Technology:

1- Preparing and organizing sponsorship for students studying in Iraq admitted to higher studies in the department.

2 - Preparation and organization of guarantees for students of preliminary studies in the department.

3 - Follow up the implementation of laws issued in respect of higher education and scientific research and civil service and university.

4- Organizing the records and files of the legal unit in the department.

5- Preparing legal guarantees for the department's beneficiaries.

  1. Organizing all student commitments (student grants) and employees (marriage pledge).

7 - Participation in the membership of investigative and disciplinary committees in the section.

  1. Follow-up of contracts concluded between the Department and other entities.
  2. Provide legal advice to the department.

Activities of the Legal Unit:

1 - Participation in the meetings of the legal affairs of the Section.

2 - Familiarity with laws and regulations and follow-up amendments.

3 - Participation in all investigative and disciplinary committees in the department.