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The group

The students name

Project name




Aqeel Mohammed

Rehological properties of oil in  water emulsions using Iraqi bentonits


Lec.Dr.Mayssaa Ali

Sajaad Adnan

Lec.Dr .Nada Sabah


Ahmed Nemeh

Varation of petrophysical propertiess by water flooding

Asst.Lec Marwa Zahir

Hassan Abdel Amir



Tabarak Ibrahim

Petrophysical properties estimation of core sample of Yammama reservior in Naseria oil field

Lec.Dr. Hussein Luaibi

Russell Resan

Asst.Lec .Hiba Tariq


Ahmed Ali

PVT modeling of gas condensate reservior

Asst.Dr.Samira Mohammed Hamdallah

Mahmoud Salah




Sarah Jassim

Treatment of disposalproduced water from petroleum and gas well by agrriculture waste

Lec.Dr .Firas Ismail

Sarah Thaier

Lec.Rana Abbas


Zainab Essam

The effect of nano-polymers additives on enhanced oil recovery

Lec.Dr. Samaher Abdul Rasoul

Dania Harith

Asst. Prof. Dr. Ramzi Cehod


Fatima Haidar

Comparsion of rate of penteration between balanced and underbalanced drilling

Asst.Lec .Waseem Ali

Fatima Abdel Salam


 Haheer Samir

Study the effect of different surfactant on pressure drop using Iraqi crude oil 

Asst. Prof. Dr. Ramzi Cehod

Islam hussain

Asst.Lec .Mohammed Ghazi


Yassin Farid

Using different methods to predicts peribility in carbonate reservoir

Asst. Prof. Dr Ahmed Abdullah

Hussein Alaa

Lec.Dr. Fadhil Sarhan






Mentdhar kream

Determination of avarage porosity,water satuaration from log data for hydrocarbon reservoir

Asst.Lec .Hiba Tariq

Zaid Fawzi

Asst. Prof. Dr Ahmed Abdullah

Mitham Hussein


Kawther Najah

Using different models to determine watre satuaration in shally sand formation

Lec.Dr. Fadhil Sarhan

Athraa  Jassim


Mohamed Khair Allah

Evaluation of porosity and permibility in Halfaya oil field

Asst. Prof. Dr Ahmed Abdullah

Karrar Nizar

Lec.Dr. Hussein Luaibi


Sajee Hamid

The effect of different additives on drilling fluid properties

Asst.Lec.Dina Mahmoud

Shahad Nabil


Mohamed Lotfy

Evaluation of petrophysical properties using different techniques

Asst. Prof. Dr Ahmed Abdullah

Ayman Tarek



Murtada Mousa

Data driven production in Buzurgan field

Prof.Dr.Mohammed Saleh

Mohammed Jabbar



Muslim Abdul Karim

Study the effect of corrosion in well pipes ( static and dynamic) using Iraqi crude oil

Asst. Prof. Dr. Ramzi Cehod

Hussein Faik

L.ec.Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Hussein


Temara Khudair

experimental investigation of nano barite on water base mud properties

Asst. Prof. Dr Hassan Abdel Hadi

Meyad hussein



Saga Blassem

Design a fluid flow pipe system by using flow software

Asst. Prof. Dr. Raed Naeem

Noor Raad


Raghad Omar

Geotexture by using natural material for Al-Ahdab

Lec.Dr.Mayssaa Ali

Huraa Ali

Asst. Prof. Dr. Ramzi Cehod


Marwa Saud


Nasser Naim

Optimization of production performance by using artificial lift for Mishrif formation-Tuba oil field

Lec.Dr. Samaher Abdul Rasoul


Kassem Yahya

Lec.Dr.Abdelali Abdel-Hussein

Rawa Raad



Marwa Majeed

Pressure volume tempreature test in Iraqi oil field

Asst.Lec Marwa Zahir

Benin Adnan


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