Research published 2019

Publisher The name of the researcher / researchers Research Title
Iraqi Science Journal, Vol.59,No.4C Dr. Hussein Ilaibi Zamil Hydrochemical Evaluation and utilization of groundwater in Khanaqin area ,Diyala Governorate - East of Iraq 1
Engineering and Technology Journal Vol.36,part b,no.2 Dr. Hussein Ilaibi Zamil Hydrochemic Parameters of Groundwater Aquifers in Khan-Al-Baghdadi Area.  2
 Baghdad Science Journal ,Vol. 15 , no. 5 Dr. Hussein Ilaibi Zamil Hydrochemistry of groundwater in northeast part of anbar governorate - west of iraq  3

المجلد 29 العدد (1) لعام 2019 ص16 - 25

Dr. Hussein Ilaibi Zamil Temperature - potential evapotranspiration relationship in Iraq using thornthwaite method 4
المجلد 29 العدد (1) لعام 2019  Dr. Hussein Ilaibi Zamil Rainfall Returns Periods in Iraq 5