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dissertation & theses




  Student name 

 Dissertation name 


  Dena Mahmoud Badr  

Application of Nano Technology in Water Base Mud  


  Marwah Dhahir Abdulkhadum  

Permeability Alteration Due to Water Injection in Zubair Reservoir    West Qurna Oil Field


 Ameer Talib Hameed  

Geostatistical Study of Petrophysical Properties Distribution of Mishrif Formation in Nasiriya Oil Field 


  Ahmed Abdulmueen Mohammed 

Static and Dynamic Predictive Modeling of Zubair Reservoir in Luhais  Oil Field


 Abdlrhman Arif Abdlrhman  

Reservoir Study of Mishrif Formation/ Rafidian Oil Field


  Ali Abdulhussein Hameed  

A New Correlation of Minimum Miscibility Pressure for CO2 Flood in Southern Iraqi Oil Reservoir


  Ibrahim Abdul Salam Saleh  

Smartphone Software Development for Efficient Calculations and Problems Handling in Southern Iraqi Oil Fields Operations



  Omer Ayad Mohammed  


Comparison Between Designing a Producing Oil Well by Using ESP and Gas Lift Method in Mishrif Formation/ Buzurgan Oil Field

The head of the department, Prof. Aqil Shaker Al-Adly, received the ministerial committee for the
Eng. Ahmed Saad Jassim discussed his thesis titled (A practical study of the effect of the angles
The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Prof. Qusay Al-Suhail, inspected the
The head of the department, Prof.D. Aqil Shaker Al-Adly, participated in the meeting of the Martyrs
Head of the Department, Prof. Dr. Aqeel Shaker Al-Adly, and a number of lecturers at the Third
The symposium of the department (the impact of oil operations on the environment of the regions of
The official of the Division of Cultural and Scientific Relations participated in a workshop
  Dr Najem Abdul Kadhim Al-Rubaie received a letter of thanks and appreciation from the President
The head of the department, Prof.D. Aqeel Shaker Al-Adly, and a number of lecturers participated in
The head of the department inspected the final exams / first course for the students of the primary

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