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First stage lectures

First Stage
First Course
 Subjects  Units  lecturers  Download lectures  Program Specification
  History of oil industry  2      
 Technical English  2  Dr. Najim Abd ALkazem Jwad   
 Analytical Chemistry  3  Dr. Firas Khaleel  
 Calculus I  2  Dr. Raed Naeem  
 Physics  3   Rana Abbas Azeez    
 General Geology  3  Dr. Hussein Al-loeiby  
 Engineering Practices I  2  Dr. Raed Naeem Huyen + Leila Lateef Alwan    
 Workshop  2   Dr. Hadeel Fawzi + Nagham ali hussen    
    Second Course
 Introduction to PT  2   Dr. Fadhil Sarhan Kadhim  
 Calculus II  2  Dr. Raed Naeem Huyen  
  Organic Chemistry  3   Dr.Waffa Abd ALkathem +Rana Abbas Azeez      
 Mechanics  2  Dr. Mohammed Abd Alhassan  
 Sedimentation and sedimentary rocks  3  Dr.mayssa Ali  
 Engineering Practices II  2   Dr. Raed Naeem Huyen + Leila Lateef Alwan    
 (Computer Programming (visual baisc  2  Dr. Anwar Nazim Mohammad   
 Workshop  2    Dr. Hadeel Fawzi + Nagham ali hussen    

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